An HTML pre-proces­sor for web ty­pog­ra­phy. Typeset pro­vides ty­po­graphic fea­tures used tra­di­tion­ally in fine print­ing which re­main un­avail­able to browser lay­out en­gines. Typeset’s pro­cess­ing brings the fol­low­ing to your web­pages:

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Typeset does not re­quire any client-side JavaScript and uses less than a kilo­byte of CSS. Processed HTML & CSS works in Internet Explorer 5 and with­out any CSS. Typeset can be used man­u­ally or as a plu­gin for grunt and gulp.

npm install typeset


var typeset = require('typeset');
var html = '<p>"Hello," said the world!</p>';

html = typeset(html);

Then tweak Typeset.css to match the met­rics of your font and in­clude it on your page.


Typeset ac­cepts an op­tional sec­ond ar­gu­ment con­tain­ing con­fig­u­ra­tion:


npm install -g typeset

Compiles a file to std­out:

typeset-js input.html

Pass an out­put file as a sec­ond ar­gu­ment:

typeset-js input.html output.html

Use the --ignore op­tion to ig­nore spe­cific CSS se­lec­tors:

typeset-js input.html output.html --ignore ".skip"


This pro­ject started as a col­lec­tion of li­braries I gath­ered for Blot. Typeset still runs there in pro­duc­tion. This was made pos­si­ble by the work of Bram Stein and Dr. Drang. This page is set in the Plex fam­ily by Mike Abbink. Thanks to Matthew Butterick and Chris Coyier for their help and feed­back.


This soft­ware is ded­i­cated to the pub­lic do­main and li­censed un­der CC0.

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